"Thank you to the Foundation Board for this grant to upgrade the book collection of the new Seagrove Public Library. This will enrich the entire community with new books for all to use. You have the sincere appreciation of a grateful community!" -Richard T. Wells, former Director, Randolph County Public Library

"Everyone at Christian Companions sincerely appreciates the grant. In the time period since we received the funds we have recruited ten new volunteers. More lonely people are being visited. Word has been spread about our organization. We are very encouraged by your support of our Mission." -Karen D. Smith, Executive Director, Christian Companions

"Thank you for supporting Hospice of Randolph County through your generous donation. Hospice of Randolph County is committed to providing safe and loving end-of-life care to people in our county and surrounding community regardless of their ability to pay. Their needs are many and you can be assured that your gift will make a difference in someone's life....today. I join our Board of Directors, staff, patients and families in thanking you for your support." -Rhonda L. Burch, CEO/President, Hospice of Randolph County

Funding provided by the H. Clay and Wavie M. Presnell Foundation Inc. to support the development of marketing materials for the Welcome Baby Program [through Randolph County Partnership for Children]: "We believe these new materials, combined with our other marketing efforts, have had a positive impact on the program and how it is being received in the medical community. Thank you again for your support." -Pauline A. McKee, Executive Director, Randolph County Partnership for Children